A disease is a sign that something’s not right within the body and we all face different forms of disease based on gender, race and family history. African American are twice as likely to develop diabetes when compared to Caucasians, but now there’s a definite way you can keep diabetes at bay. African Americans now have the power to prevent diabetes better.

Knowing what diseases you’re most at risk of getting in your life can be a good defensive move. It’s always better to be on the aggressive against any potential threat to your body.

Millions of people have already been diagnosed with diabetes and it’s a looming threat to millions more. If you ask anyone who has the condition, they’ll tell you that it’s an aggressive disease that is often subtle in the beginning stages.

You can’t change the gene cards you were dealt at birth. However, by being proactive – by fighting back – you can lower your risk of developing diabetes at all, especially if you have a higher risk factor.

For those with higher diabetic risk, it’s important to get into the fight against this insidious disease as early as possible to avoid potential complications such as blindness, kidney failure and amputation.

Fighting back for the sake of your health isn’t as difficult as you might think. Of course, maintaining a healthy weight goes without saying since excess weight increases anyone’s risk (even if it’s only 10 pounds of extra weight).

Even if you’re at a healthy weight, your odds of getting diabetes are higher simply based on diet. Having a diet that focuses on a vegetarian way of eating helps to knock down the chances of developing diabetes by as much as 53% and for vegans, a whopping 70%!

One theory is that the antioxidants in a vegetarian diet help to protect against a diabetes diagnosis. Another theory is that foods that are naturally higher in fiber significantly lower the risk as well.

Foods that are lower on the glycemic index give the stomach a feeling of fullness and can help keep hunger pangs to a minimum. Eating a vegetarian diet gives people better control over their glucose levels – it helps the blood sugar maintain at a steady level throughout the day rather than the rapid rise and fall that occurs with high glycemic foods.

Studies show that while a vegetarian diet shows promise in keeping the disease at bay, adding regular exercise also reduces the chance of diabetes. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases show that exercise is a known factor for protecting yourself against developing diabetes.

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