The most wonderful date of your life may become your nightmare if you’re in the sights of a dangerous man. He may be charming and exciting – boasting about his exciting and lucrative career, but in reality, his profile is not how he makes it appear. However, you could be addicted to dangerous relationships.

Your grandmother used a term, “bum’s rush” to describe someone who shows up and takes over your life, ruining it before disappearing. Yesterday’s bum is today’s modern predator – and some of these men (and women) have worked hard to attract their prey.

Women who are addicted to dangerous relationships always remember back to a time when their mate was kind and endearing – during the honeymoon period when he turned on the charm and didn’t expose his violent and shifty ways.

Often, women get addicted to the showering of attention they receive, but eventually, this line of attentiveness and control gets blurred and you realize you can’t call a friend without him asking, “Who’s on the phone?”

You no longer see your friends because he’s consuming every waking second with you, and you realize he’s in control of everything from your fashion to your finances!

Why wouldn’t a woman just leave this situation and not stand for a controlling partner? Some do, but for many, the addiction to a dangerous relationship grows too strong to resist.

The subtle control over time and behaviors eventually morphs into something more destructive – abuse and violence. The women hears threats that if she leaves him, he’ll kill her.

And it’s not all women who are addicted to bad relationships, either! There are plenty of men who succumb to their abusive environment from a jealous, mean wife or girlfriend who controls their every move.

Relationship addiction has nothing to do with physical control – it’s all about how they control you mentally. After a fight, they’ll cry, promise to change or even manipulate you into thinking you were the cause of the disagreement in the first place.

If you believe you might be addicted to your relationship, test yourself to see if it’s a positive or negative influence in your life. Move into your own residence and separate your finances.

Start making time to visit friends and family without him and see how he reacts. Dangerous men (and women) can be exciting at first – even flattering to your ego! But if you let it get out of hand, you’ll have a harder time breaking free of their control.

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