The weight loss industry is a 30 billion dollar industry and diets that help people lose fast are often subject to intense scrutiny. The hCG diet is a diet that uses a pregnancy hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) to help users lose weight fast – up to a pound every day. But with only 500 calories to eat and exercise being banned, it’s been the target of a lot of skepticism – until now.

Differing from other diets that help you lose weight fast, this one shows promise of keeping that weight loss even with the passing of years so that participants stay leaner and healthier for the future.

The diet consists of treatments that are done over certain amount of days with specific injections of the hormone. Once they’ve received a few shots of the hormone, users were then told to cut their calorie level down to 500 a day.

The diet to be followed should have a strong focus on protein and limit high fat foods as well as sugar, dairy products and alcohol. The confusion over the diet came when some people thought the diet should be considered a long term solution – and it wasn’t meant for that.

The long term results of being overweight can produce a number of diseases. The diet was introduced as a way to see results quickly so that people would be encouraged and want to stick with a weight loss regimen.

For people who have tried to lose weight and end up getting discouraged by the slower, more traditional weight loss efforts, a fast start is just what they need to keep the momentum going.

Now, a newer plan associated with the hCG Diet lets users still see fast weight loss results, but with improvements to let dieters have more calories while they’re losing weight.

The hormone that helped people lose weight under the former plan is the same with the updated plan. It helps users get control over an often out of control appetite by limiting those food cravings and it helps lessen the fear and worry (and as a byproduct – the stress) that comes with worrying about health and weight.

Studies have shown over the decades that the risks of obesity related illnesses are lowered once the excess weight is taken off. To lose weight with the hormone, users should follow a 1200 calorie diet and maintain an active exercise routine. Users should exercise because as the weight comes off, the exercise will work to firm the muscles and tone up the skin.

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